Free Included Call Management Features... valued at $75.95 a month

Telcoworks provides a suite of Call Management Features free with every 1300 number and 1800 number hosting plan.

24/7 Online
Customer Tool Box

Add new services, change service configurations, make payments , view live call records, download CSV call records, download invoices, view past payments and more...

24/7 Real Time
Destination Changes

With us, you can change your diversion online, in real time, 24/7. You simply login to our Customer Tool Box, make your diversion change and hit "submit". We charge just $1.00 per diversion change.

Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to any landline, mobile phone, voice-to-email, or to anywhere in the world.

Multiple Call Overflow

Automatically handles overflow. If your destination number is busy or rings out the call auto-diverts to your secondary number. Our Customer Tool Box can handle up to three destinations.

Time Routing

Direct calls based on the time of day. You can direct calls to multiple destinations at different times of the day 24/7 through our Customer Tool Box.

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Day Routing

Direct calls based on the day of the week including weekends and public holidays. You can direct calls to multiple destinations at different times of the week 24/7 though our Customer Tool Box.

Whisper Alert

Know who's calling you. When you receive a call you will hear a pre-recorded "whisper" alerting you that the call is a 1300 or 1800 caller. Perfect for mobile users who want to identify if a call is a business call or private call.

Business Introduction

Give your customers an introduction to your business before the call connects. A Business Introduction recording gives your callers comfort that you are expecting their call. With Business Introduction you will reduce the number of callers hanging up before the call is connected to you.

Caller Indentification

You can set a custom caller id to be displayed on your answer point as the incoming caller id. This is useful if you have multiple incoming calls for different businesses to the same land line or mobile.


Voice-To-Email allows you to listen to your voice messages by email. Calls are recorded and emailed to your email inbox. Voice-to-email recordings can to emailed up to three email boxes. Works perfectly as a Call Overflow destination.

Live Call Reporting

View your calls as they are completed. A perfect solution if you missed a call. Simply view your live streaming call log and make a call back 24/7.