1300 Number Testimony

Setting up a 1300 number with Telcoworks was as easy as filling in a form. I had my 1300 number less than 2 hours later. I didn’t realize how easy it was…if I had I would have had a 1300 number much sooner.



1300 Number Testimony

If you want a truly professional call centre experience, you can't go past Telcoworks. Their commitment to excellence is highly visable.

I feel that I can trust Telcoworks to do the job well, if not better than we can do it ourselves. As they say 'do what you do best and outsource the rest'

Telcoworks has simplified my life and made our business more professional in the process.



1800 Number Testimony

Having been a sales manager for 7 years in telecommunications I can say that I have only spoken to the team at Telcoworks once which was to enquire about 1800 number setup and fees.

That’s absolutely brilliant as normally one would call weekly to ask about added fees to there bill or why there service is not working etc

Keep up the great work guys



1300 Number Testimony

Peace Way Driving School - Many thanks to 1800 Telcoworks for what they are doing for us.

They have been really honest with the bills and the services, from when I first started with them.



1300 Number Testimony

Shore Power Electrical Services - Telcoworks is a blessing

After using other providers, our business has finally found a cost effective, reliable and friendly organisation to work with.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Telcoworks to any business or individual looking for a 1300 number or a 1800 number.


1300 Number Testimony

CPLC GROUP PTY LTD - I am satisfied with the service 1800 Telcoworks has provided me in everyway



1800 Number Testimony

www.flowers2you.com.au - Telcoworks made it so easy to choose and connect my new, professional 1800 number.

Their 1300/1800 number prices are very competitive plus if I need to call for assistance they are always helpful.



1300 Number Testimony

BayBeeBliss - At Telcowork you will receive a friendly and efficient service!

We were delighted by how quick and easy everything was.


1300 Number Testimony

Robs Horticulture - Telcoworks makes getting a 1800 or 1300 number so easy and hassle free.

Keep up the good work guys.


1300 Number Testimony

Australian Real Estate Consulting - 1300 number… it can’t get any easier than this! You select the number and it is live within a matter of an hour. No fuss… no bother… just action!



1800 Number Testimony

Locatrix - I just wanted to say a quick thankyou for your support. Launching whereis Everyone and working closely with www.telstra.com.au It is essential for our 1800 number provider be cheap, nimble and flexible Telcoworks you are all of that.

Well done.

Thanks from the team at http://everyone.whereis.com



1300 Number Testimony

Net Registry - Hi Telcoworks, Just want to thank you for the quick turn around of my 1300 number request earlier today.

Regards, Craig.



1300 Number Testimony

Itillery - You guys are champions!!!!

Thank you very much for your professional, friendly and speedy service… I was beginning to think such service no longer existed. Please send me through some info re the affiliate/reseller program as I am now even more interested in working with the great team at 1800 Telcoworks.

Thanks Rabih



1800 Number Testimony

On hold Messaging service - Dear Telcoworks, The ease with which we received our 1300 and 1800 numbers was fantastic, so stress free, your back office support is efficient and effective, you’re pricing blows your competitors out of the water, nothing is ever a problem, we have recommended using Telcoworks 1300 and 1800 numbers to all our business contacts, superb work 1800 Telcoworks.

Regards - David Iversen


1800 Number Testimony

Stephens treats and sweets - Having been a sales manager for 7 years in telecommunications I can say that only having spoken to the people at 1800 Telcoworks once which was to enquire about setup and fees for my 1800 number is absolutely brilliant as normally one would call weekly to ask about added fees to there bill or why there service is not working etc

Keep up the great work guys!



1300 Number Testimony

Arrow Internet Marketing Pty Ltd - We compared three other companies in terms of the service and pricing and found Telcoworks to be the best choice to get our 1300 number from.



1800 Number Testimony

THE HUMAN NETWORK PTY LIMITED - Thank you for your prompt & professional response – the 1800 service is working well.



1300 Number Testimony

Genesis Art Supplies Pty Ltd - My 1300 number was set up very quickly and hasn’t given me a moments trouble. The detailed call information on the statements is a useful management information tool. I think 1300 and 1800 numbers offer good value for money and Telcoworks offer a competitive and reliable service.

Many thanks.


1300 Number Testimony

South East Sound - Through the growth of our business we have found it necessary to expand and simplify our accessibility to customers. Aside from utilising the internet, we have chosen to take advantage of the 1300 number services Telcoworks offer to enhance our availability in our market.

Not only have Telcoworks provided a product that meets our requirements, they have provided a solution with a minimum of fuss, and complete consideration to the demands of our business.



1300 Number Testimony

Southern Legal - We found setting up a 1300 number through Telcoworks to be fast and simple. Billing has been clearly described and received by email on a timely basis. Our experience with this company has been excellent to date.



1300 Number Testimony

Gateway Services is a widely recognized leader in the cleaning industry. We are a skilled and highly-motivated undertaking, with an envious record of two decades of successful operation in the cleaning industry. As a professional venture, we naturally place high priority on reliability and security. Working with Telcoworks for our 1800 number needs, I can easily say that Telcoworks is very Reliable and Secure. Gateway Services Provides Obligation-Free Quotes email us at sales@gatewayservices.com

Thanks for your support


1300 Number Testimony

ABP - Ace Business Products was established in 1961. We supply, install, demonstrate, support digital dictation AUSTRALIA WIDE. Working closely with the likes of www.olympusdictation.com.au and www.philipsdictation.com.au. It is essential to partner up with a reliable company like Telcoworks for my 1300 number Most importantly for the right price.

Kind regards
Brian Hetherington


1300 Number Testimony

Hi Brad,

The Asia Pacific Training Institute is a Registered Training Organisation specialising in leadership and project management training, workshop facilitation and coaching. Working closely with companies like www.anz.com.au - www.ford.com.au www.bosch.com.au - www.holden.com.au - and many more, It is essential for www.apti.com.au to have a reliable supplier for our 1300 toll free number.

Peter Pearce
Project IQ and the Asia Pacific Training Institute Pty Ltd


1300 Number Testimony

Hi to the Team at Telcoworks,

www.afastway2freedom.com shows people how to generate a massive income every month from anywhere in Australia. Hence why my 1800 number is so important for success of my business. Having that slight edge over competitors means everything.

Thanks Telcoworks



1300 Number Testimony

Hi there Callie,

Just got a 1300 number through you and am quite happy with the service.

Kind regards,

Matt Ross
District Manager
Warrego/Southern Downs
Australian Poker League


1300 Number Testimony

Dear Callie,

Thankyou so much for your prompt service, You are fantastic my 1800 number was up and running in 30 minutes. Because of your prompt service I have now secured excellent ongoing work.

Kind regards
Zoran The Painter


1300 Number Testimony

Hi Telcoworks,

www.ourgv.com/international is a performance-based business that rewards people in direct proportion to their effort. Thanks to Telcoworks and my new 1300 number, I can now offer my customers a very easy, inexpensive way of contacting me about www.ourgv.com/international

Thank you
Diane Clements


1300 Number Testimony

G’day Brad,

When we were bidding for our biggest internet consulting client, we needed a great sounding 1300 number in a hurry. Brad from Telcoworks had us up and running in one hour, and we landed a great web development contract. Thanks Telcoworks.

Matt O’Kane
O’Kane Internet Consulting


1300 Number Testimony

Dear Melanie,

Please thank yourself and the team from Telcoworks for your excellent service and advice. It is always a worrying experience setting up an advertising campaign. With the assistance of Telcoworks, for the first time ever I can tell whether or not my advertising is actually working.

Thanks a million



1300 Number Testimony

Hello Brad,

Due to ongoing red tape and other issues in relation to current business clients, Reable Pty Ltd has decided against proceeding further with their application/ accreditation. Thus as we will not be looking to expand our business any further at this stage we would like for the account 13288 and its associated 1300 numbers to be cancelled as we have no current use for them and are not sure when we will either. We understand that there is a 30 days period prior to cancellation and agree to abide by the terms. I would like to confirm that these numbers have not been provided to anyone, published or taken to the printers, thus we are not expecting any calls on them.

Reable P/L would like to thank you and Telcoworks for all your professional assistance, advice and management of our account until now. Be sure to know that we will be passing on your details to our clients and other businesses that we deal with as they may benefit more from your professional service.

Javier Nourry
Reable Pty Ltd


1800 Number Testimony

We have only been using Telcoworks as our 1800 provider for a short time but have found them to be very helpful in all matters. They were very good at explaining things thoroughly and had our number set up in no time at all.

Liz Edmonds
Building Chemical Supplies PL


1300 Number Testimony

Telco Worx provided BrandQuest with the telecommunication solution we required and continues to give us great service. Part of a strong brand is making sure the basics of customer service are right – and Telco Worx have ensured that we can deliver this to our clients.

Jonathan Samuel
Brand Quest


1300 Number Testimony

Hi Brad,

We are a new company in Melbourne looking to expand to interstate, and we found that the biggest obstacle for us was that potential clients hesitate to call an interstate number due to cost. We found Telcoworks and since then we have a number of new clients from NSW. The rate from Telcoworks is fantastic and they give us enough flexibility to change plan if our company grow. The service is also great, we had our 1300 number within a day and the customer service rep call the next day to make sure that everything was OK.

Hung Tran
Access-ED Global
The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step. Lao Tzu


1300 Number Testimony

Just wanted to thank you guys for your prompt and efficient service! Very impressed so far.

We had tried another operator previously, they took over 2 weeks, and the 1300 number still wasn’t working, and we needed to get marketing underway. We then found your ad on google, and decided to give you a shot, and have been utterly please with the service to date.

Thanks Guys.

Ross Hellings
Managing Director


1300 Number Testimony

Coffee Shrine are Australia's Premier Home and Office Coffee Machine Specialists and premium distributors of Saeco, HLF, N&W, Isomac, La Picolla and Shearer Coffee Systems.

In addition to Espresso Coffee Systems, Coffee Shrine also provide coffee, coffee vending consumable, coffee making accessories, takeaway and vending coffee cups and a complete range of staff refreshments for delivery to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart.

With an Australia wide sales and support network and operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year it was critical that we provide 1300 phone and fax numbers as a single point of contact for all of our nationwide customers.

Telcoworks made setting up our 1300 numbers simple with their no hassle, cost effective monthly plans. If you are confused about the myriad of plans and contracts out there, I would highly recommend you seriously consider Telcoworks as your 1800 or 1300 number provider.

Paul Ballardin


1300 Number Testimony

Hi Brad,

Testimony below:

“Telcoworks were very helpful from the word Go, a very fast, reliable and efficient service. The number for Discobiz was up running within a few hours! Your ongoing support has been invaluable. The detail that we receive on our invoice has proven to be a very useful projections tool. We look forward to a long and strong future with Telcoworks."


Ronish Narayan
Melbourne’s Premier DJ Service


1300 Number Testimony


Telcoworks provided us with our 1300 number quick and easily with no fuss. Their billing system is easy and simple to understand and most importantly they provide a very affordable facility and expert customer service. We, like telcoworks pride ourselves on good value, expert and prompt customer service. Telcoworkss are a pleasure to deal with.

Kylee Spencer
ANTIOXIDANT "relaxation for every body"


1300 1800 Number Testimony

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Telcoworks for their fast, and efficient service. Digimax Group Pty Ltd have transferred all of our 1300 and 1800 numbers from Telstra to Telcoworks. As leaders in the Security, IT and Cleaning industries, it is essential that our reverse charge phone numbers are operational 24/7 and most importantly for the right price. The team at Telcoworks have truly raised the bar in the communication industry for top quality customer service and pricings.

Kind Regards
George Karimi
Digimax Group Pty Ltd


1300 Number Testimony

To Telcoworks,

We needed our 1300 number setup urgently. I spoke with Brad from TelxoWorx and within a couple of hours we were up and running. Their rates are exceptional and their billing system is easy to follow. I would recommend them to anyone.

Brett Luntz
Exposure Distribution Pty. Ltd


1300 Numbes Testimony

"Telcoworks - You guys are amazing. Just a quick thank you for your assistance recently with setting up some 1800 and 1300 numbers for specific marketing campaigns. Your pricing is about the best around and your customer service has been top notch. The numbers were up and running in no time at all - completely hassle free. Your detailed monthly bill also provides a great analysis and shows the true results of each program in black and white. A great business partnership with someone that shares our philosophy of Great Value and Great Service. Wayne City Motor Inn Toowoomba - www.citymotorinn.com.au "



1800 Number Testimony

Hi Telcoworks,

Your company’s help in setting up a 1800 number for www.incomeprotectionquotes.com.au was quicker than I expected also I was surprised at the cost effectiveness of your service. We operate Australia wide and I have seen a number of calls that we may not have received, if we had not set up an 1800 number with Telcoworks. Providing free quotes for life insurance and income protection, we are always looking to improve customer service.

Thanks Telcoworks
Sean Sullivan
“The best way to protect your future is to create it”


1800 Number Testimony

Hi Telcoworks

I have recently joined Telco Worx as a 1800 customer and the service has been far better than I had hoped. The SMS and email reports work particularly well for our business and it's very affordable.

Richard Turberville
Mountain Matt Fiddes Martial Arts School
8/39 Main St
North Tamborine
Qld 4272


1800 Number Testimony

Telcoworks Testimonial

"Because Semiotics Inc has expanded into an organisation operating nationally, we felt it was important to nationalise our phone system via a 1 800 number. Of course, we wanted to pay as little as possible for the privilege. Enter Telcoworks. They've supported our growth and simplified the way in which clients can communicate with us, regardless of their location. What is more, we only pay for what we use. We didn't have to pay anything up front, which means we didn't have to ante-up profits to gamble on results. Essentially Telcoworks provided us with a free and simple solution for our national communications needs. We have no problem singing their praises."

David Cobbold
Vice President
Semiotics Inc


1300 Number Testimony

Telcoworks Testimonial

"Thank you so much for getting back to me re:1300mum2be so quick and efficient,

Keep up the good work!

Renna Danelutti
Mum to be TM"