$10 Transfer Plan Explained

Recurring minimum monthly hosting plan fee: $10.00 each month regardless of call volume.

Conditions: charged in advance to your account each calendar month.

What if I join in the middle of the month?
You don't pay the full monthly fee. You are only charged for the remainder of the month (pro-rata).

e.g. if you joined half way through the month you pay $5 monthly inbound access fee for the month you joined.

Disclaimer: the pro-rata calculation may vary according to the number of days in the month in which you joined and the day of the month in which you joined.


All Features "In Real-Time".

Special Offer Conditions:

1. Only Applies To 1300 Number Transfer From Another Network.
2. Only One Transfer Plan Per New Customer.
3. Excludes Existing Customers.
4. Excludes New 1300 Numbers.
5. Excludes 1300 Smart Number Connection.
All fees and charges are quoted ex GST.

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