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About 1800 Lucky Dip Numbers™

What is a 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ ?

A 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ is a 1800 number allocated to you from national a pool of 1800 numbers held with The Australian Communications and Media Authority known as ACMA.


All 1800 numbers allocated by ACMA are recyled numbers from previous businesses that no longer have a use for a 1800 number.


If I Choose a 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ Will It Always Be Mine?

You will always be have the right to use your 1800 Lucky Dip Number™ with us by way of your lawful "Right Of Use" (ROU) provided your account remains is in order and invoices paid by the due date etc which is a reasonable request. Or, you can transfer your ROU to another Provider.


However, ACMA remains the owner of all 1800 numbers until a 1800 number is held for auction and transferred to the winning bidder.


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Lucky Dip Numbers™ and Flash Numbers™ are Trade Marks of Flash Numbers Pty Ltd.


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